This post is basically writing down my own thoughts and what I've learned so far. Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor, if any of what I say interests you, you can consult your doctor. This is what I'm discovering in my own health.

It started with irregular + heavy periods. With endless heavy cramping. So much to the point that in high school, I started hyperventilating, and my brother had to carry my downstairs so my mom and sister could try to get me to breathe and get my curled hands to relax. That was the first incident. It was "normal" for me. I had to dose myself with ibuprofen every four hours, otherwise I would be doubled up on the couch and worthless. I did that for several years. And then I went on birth control and got married. Birth control didn't last long, only a year, because my husband and I noticed that my moods went on super rampages, with no warning. At that point, we decided to try for a baby. It didn't take long, a month after I stopped taking birth control, we were expecting our oldest, our daughter, now 11. Looking back, I know so many women that have trouble getting pregnant after being on birth control. Some can take years to conceive after it. God had us in His hand. Things went back to "normal". Heavy periods. Cramps. Ibuprofen.

It wasn't until our last baby was born, and my irregular + heavy periods came back after him being born. He was a busy bee. With two older kids (6 years + 4 years) and a 10 month old, I felt I was in over my head. I needed help. I made an appointment with my doctor, and she recommended an IUD. My intuition was saying no already, but I wanted to talk with my husband first before we made this decision. We both didn't like this idea, the risks + side effects were too great. We didn't even like the idea of birth control again, we hadn't used it between kids because my husband saw how it messed with me. But I was desperate. So we opted for the pill. I replied to the nurse through the hospital's email system that we didn't want the IUD, but would like a prescription for the pill. I didn't hear back for three whole months.

Enter essential oils.

I truly feel this was God's intervention for me. I had gotten my first starter kit of oils back in 2014. But I eventually had put them to the wayside. Then in 2017, my friend Kelly was having make + take classes in her home, inviting friends to come experience oils. So I joined her team. And I haven't looked back. But I've learned so many things along the way. That oils are only one piece of the puzzle that lead me to getting to the root issues that are causing the symptoms.

Fast forward a few years. We moved back out to the country. And my issues seem to flare more. I was doing quite a bit of photography, trying to keep a household, have bounced back and forth between private school and homeschooling for the kids (and right now we are homeschooling and it feels like we might stay in this decision), running my oil business....I got super stressed. To the point of I started not sleeping well at all, extreme fatigue during the day, not to mention the cycle issues, and still breaking out like a teenager in my 30's.

One day, I went to the library, and found a book called The Hormone Cure, by Dr. Sara Gottfried. It really opened my eyes to how important diet is, the products you use, exercise, LIFESTYLE is. Learning to make these changes and actually implement them is key. But so many look at the food you eat as restrictions. It is so important to change our mindsets when it comes to food. It isn't about what you can't eat. It's about finding the good things to eat. And eating the right amount of calories (wow this is big, so many women skip meals and end up eating the amount of calories as a toddler!) I started following Jessica Ash on Instagram. One of her posts floored me. Basically it says that our liver stores glycogen. Which is sugar, of course. We are told not to eat after a certain time at night, but if you think about it, say you eat supper at 6 PM. 6-10 hours later (this is the period our liver stores the sugar), our liver runs out of sugar to use. So it needs to use something else right? It turns to cortisol, our stress hormone. Anyone waking up at 2-4 AM? You can't see me, but my hand is up. This is why we wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. I also used to ignore my growling stomach as I turned to coffee first thing in the morning. I'm pretty sure this is where things really got bad for me, hormonally. Because my liver used cortisol to burn energy, the coffee added to it (coffee is not necessarily bad, but on an empty stomach and no other food + hormone imbalances = trouble). I'm learning to listen to my body and eat when it tells me to. Wow I've noticed a difference in my sleep since I started doing this!!

I'm going to briefly touch on products: you may know I use Young Living for pretty much everything. The products you use are SO important! We've switched out so many products that contain endocrine disruptors, as some of those ingredients mimic estrogen in our bodies. Kick the products that contain the synthetic fragrances, the SLES, SLS, phthalates. Your body will thank you.