I can't help it. I'm a lover of beauty.

One thing I have really noticed since REALLY picking up photography almost 10 years ago already (I've always had this knack, but didn't do much with it until my babies were born) is that God has opened my eyes to the beauty of things. I can be driving through the countryside and spot any place that I could easily photograph to capture the beauty of it. It's almost as if God gave me some rose tinted glasses. This is the gift on an enneagram 4. It's just a feeling when I look at the colored foliage of fall, the blooming flowers of spring, the sprinkling of the first snow. It's magical. And if you know me, most likely there is some music going which lends to the magic.

I've been chatting music with my friend Sarah P. recently, and we discovered the perfect playlist for fall, and man oh man, it's Indie glory, reminiscent of the show 'This is Us', is just fantastic. Music is a powerful tool, it can relax you (lowering cortisol), it can pump you up, it can express what you feel, convey messages, it can create the perfect mood for the perfect moment. You can find that playlist here. It can be heard on repeat quite a bit here at our house (it isn't my playlist, someone else created it in their musical genius). Another playlist created by Sarah for me is here (she's a musical genius, trust me!).

I can't say I'm perfect at finding this joy every single moment of every day. I'm human after all. And one who's emotions go on a rollercoaster ride in a very wild + exciting fashion. *insert laughing emoji* My surroundings very much affect my mood, but when I do see that joy, it is intense, and I long to preserve it, to make it last as long as possible. Fall is one of my favorite seasons to experience. The comfort foods, trying to make all of those recipes from scratch is a newfound love of mine, diffusing all of the different fall scents, wearing my cozy granny sweaters (which my husband ADORES, let me tell you....), a cup of tea, moccasin slippers, cozy blankets on the deck (okay okay, my deck isn't finished, this romanticized image is still in my head yet, but we're working on it), it's just bliss.

I've been asked to write a post on homeschooling, which I will do, but only briefly will I write down one of the reasons we do keep our kids home. I could go into depth, I won't at this point. The point I want to bring out is the beauty of childhood. The innocence of it. Seeing my babies play outside or with the dogs, learning sometimes in their jammies, seeing the looks on their faces in any moment as I try to keep them small, keep them children. There it is, in that moment. Magic. I truly believe this is one of the things God has given us, this pure, intense joy of seeing our kids, our life, as He sees us.

My point to all this is, is to slow down and see the moments of our lives, see the blessings we are in possession of. Let go of the crazy hustle + bustle. Find the magic in the everyday moments. They are there, trust me.