It's been a bit since I've written a blog post. Life happens so fast some days, and Monday was a prime example of me, in complete brain fog. I wanted to do so many things, but I just couldn't get my brain to follow through. Or my body. It was just one of those days. Today is much better. The kids are planning a few games, it's in the 60's here in Wisco this week, the dogs want to play outside as much as possible, sourdough bread to bake....brain, catch up here. There's lots to do.

One thing I wanted to share was about meal prep. I normally am not an organized person, this is one thing that I have to have my lists for. It gives me some clarity and makes my week a lot easier. I've been meal planning for most of our marriage, and if you don't do it, let me tell you that it is a game changer! Also a money saver. Before I started doing this, when we didn't plan our week of meals, we would end up spending much more money because we would choose at the last minute and need to run to the store, inevitability picking up more than we needed. This way, I plan out the meals, what I need for each meal, and anything else we might need for the week.

*Side note here: something that makes things SO much easier for my weekly grocery shopping is that I order so much of our personal products, cleaning supplies, etc from Young Living, freeing up the actual grocery budget. Plus it's shipped directly to me. But that's another post.

We always plan for leftovers a night or two. One week might go like this for us, this week for example: chili + cornbread, meatloaf with mashed potatoes and corn casserole, breakfast for supper, and our weekly Pizza Friday. I like to have staples on hand for salads + sandwiches, or a quick change of menu if my night gets away from me.

Here's the fun part. I created a menu for you to download and print for free! Sometimes I just love to create things in Photoshop, this was no different. How to download: click on the image below (don't print from this, the resolution won't be as good), and it'll take you the file in dropbox. From there you can download it and save it to your computer or phone. Print from there! Easy peasy. Enjoy, sweet friends!!