This post is a bit overdue. My brain seems to sit on topics for a while before I figure out how to word them.

I want to talk about opinions and living our own lives. Why? Because we live in a culture right now that is hot for disagreeing with people and making them feel bad about their opinion. And I'm absolutely not being political here. Here's why:

I notice that sometimes I am a person that cares too much about certain people's opinions. It makes me not post on social media, because I don't want those certain people to unfollow me or have a bad opinion of me. And I sit here and laugh at myself. But not a good laugh. One that reminds me that my daily life still goes on, even with those certain people not physically in it. I still make homemade meals for my family, I still homeschool my kids, I still do the laundry, I still fill the diffusers nightly at bedtime, and those people are not sitting over my shoulder, telling me how to do it their way. It's done the way I do it. And life moves on. The days move on.

I ask my kids, often, how we can be kind to one another. Does that include yelling at each other? No. Does that include discrediting someone because their opinion is different from yours? No. I think that that is truly the definition of diversity. When you can still love someone even if their opinion drastically differs from yours. The problem is, most of the time when we are behind a screen, we feel we can say things we would never say to that person's face. Why is that encouraged? Do we not see how the divisiveness affects others? Could you not see yourself in the other's shoes? Before you say no, try. Because their situation is different from yours. And that is the beauty of humanity. We were created differently. With different opinions, with different faces, with different hair, eyes, and skin color, we still all share the same set of emotions. We each still experience joy, sadness, anger, love. None of those differences should matter.

So here I am, stepping forward and leaving that behind. In a world where we seek 'likes', I am breaking away from being afraid of sharing my opinion, into being true to myself. My aim is not to be rude, be offensive, to be divisive, I still want to share words with kindness in mind above all, but I don't want to be afraid of what someone may think of me anymore. Because if they think of me differently, then they weren't a true friend.