Homemade bone broth. Is there anything like it?!? If you ask me, my answer is no.

Making your own bone broth is EASY. And so rewarding. The flavor is completely unmatched by the stuff you buy in a box from a store. Plus, the nutrition you get from is it is also unmatched. It's full of the good fat your body needs. I try to make a big batch after every whole chicken I make for supper. I usually end up with about 3-4 quarts out of each batch.

Storing it is depending on you. You either put work into canning it, and not have to put it in a pan to liquify it again, or you freeze it and put work into liquifying it again after. I'm on the fence here. As I write this, I am tempted to can it so I can just grab it and add it to recipes as I need it. Currently I am freezing it, and conveniently forget to pull it out in time, so I put it in a pot, short on time. Typical me.

So let's jump into how to make it. You literally just throw things into the Instant Pot. You cannot mess it up.

I start with a large carrot, peeled and cut up, an onion, cut up into large chunks, a few cloves of garlic, peeled and smashed, the juice of a lemon (if I have it on hand, otherwise omit), a few stalks of celery, the chicken carcass you saved, water, a splash of ACV, and herbs. I like to throw in a few bay leaves, basil, thyme and oregano. Place it all in your Instant Pot, cover the carcass with water (don't go past the max level!) and lock it. Hit the manual button and select 120 minutes. When it's done, let the pressure release naturally. I usually end up letting it release naturally for about 45 minutes or so. It takes longer, with that much liquid in there. Let it cool before storing.

*Edited to add: Not all may have an Instant Pot. Another alternative to cook it is to dump it into a pot and simmer on the stove for 4-6 hours, until a beautiful golden brown.