I'm a romantic, old soul at heart.

I don't think I'm the only one who loves to make my own Christmas ornaments and decor. This is my second year using fruit, pine, wood, anything natural that I can get my hands on to decorate. I love a good real tree that is actually a bit bare. I don't like it crowded, and my favorite things to put on it is dried oranges. These on the tree are actually still well preserved from last year, that's why they are so dark. I dehydrated more oranges this year, and they are much lighter. The older ones look like blood oranges, and goodness I love that look. When my oldest went to spend the night at her Nana + Papa's, they dried some apple slices and made cinnamon ornaments. She brought those home and we added them to the tree, and I think it's perfect. Last year I had bought a big bag of different sized wooden beads. I threaded them into a garland and ornaments. I also opted to not put a topper on, because I thought the top was just so perfect!

Natural elements.

Dried oranges, wooden beaded garland, cinnamon cutout ornaments, even dried clay ornaments are great to add to your tree.

DIY it.

Last year I made my own stockings. I found my inspiration on Pinterest, because I really wanted to keep to a color scheme. I loved the boho feel of these stockings, found some embroidery thread, buttons, plain stockings and other bits, grabbed my glue gun and a needle and went to town. I still love how they turned out!

Add some garland.

Of course, adding garland to any space is going to make your home feel cozy during the season. I have it under the tv by the diffuser and also wrapped around the banister.

Nature is neat.

This big, bare, wood wall just needed something. I wanted to make something like this last year, but never got around to it. Then Crate + Barrel had a branch for $100. This is not that. *insert laughing emoji*

We have sooooo many different kinds of pine on our property, I grabbed some Cedar to create this, with a big birch branch that had fallen off of our Paper Birch, and some, you guessed it, dried oranges.

The thing I love about creating your own Christmas decorations is the memories that come with it. Having your kids help, listening to Christmas music, diffusing oils to set the tone....it's such a magical time of year!