Plans changed.

We were planning on going to Europe over this summer. We planned on visiting France and shooting her senior photos in front of a chateau. In the French countryside. While visiting a friend. Then everything changed.

So what could we do? We adapted. We changed plans. We went up to Two Harbors, Minnesota.

The North Shore of Superior. Wow, it felt like Scotland in some places. That was part of the idea, with Anya's tweed jacket on the cliffs of Palisade Head.

Ok let me tell you a bit of background here. This lovely young lady, her name is Anya. She's Class of 2021. She's also my cousin. On my husband's side. I've shot all but one of her + her siblings' senior photos, and she's the last. I adore each and every one of those people. And spending time with them in Two Harbors, was almost too much fun, if there is such a thing.

We booked an AirBnB for a few nights, found some great food, did some hiking, stayed up late with desserts, shared some hilarious stories, and we ended up doing two different sessions. A sunrise session, and a sunset session.

Black Sand Beach was probably one of my favorite places. I mean, with the fall colors, it was absolutely unbelievable!! We started losing light quickly, but I'm not afraid of a little cloudiness. It gives a moodiness that I love seeing.

Ok, some of you may know, I am not a morning person. But guys, I GOT UP FOR THIS. It was well worth it. The sunrise on the lake was just stunning. God's creation is break taking!

Ok, this last set of highlights is something special to me. I love the juxtaposition of the iron ore docks and Anya's dress. And the last ones, they just feel like England to me. It was in front of an odd falling apart structure. Gorgeous. Anya, I love you girl. You are amazing.